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Nolan Martinez visit the most interesting My Account Now pages, well-liked by users from USA, or check the rest of data below. is a web project, safe and generally suitable for all ages. We found that English is the preferred language on My Account Now pages. Their most used social media is Facebook with about 62% of all user votes and reposts. uses Internet Information Services for server.

AccountNow, headquartered in San Ramon, California, is a leading provider of financial solutions for the 40 million US consumers who do not have established credit or traditional banking relationships. AccountNow's money saving offers give consumers an alternative to "traditional" checking accounts and access to the financial and payment systems, including Visa prepaid cards, Pay Anyone Bill Payment with PRBC bill payment reporting, and FDIC-insured deposits. Visit AccountNow online at

john s., 2012-10-09, 04:48PM CDTAccountNow ADA Discrimination Class Action jessica@westcoastlitigation.comak@kazlg.comAccountNow debit cardA California man who is unable to effectively communicate verbally after suffering a stroke has filed a class action lawsuit against prepaid debit card company AccountNow for refusing to communicate with him by email and insisting he deal with the company over the phone.Plaintiff Richard Halavais accuses AccountNow of a ?systematic pattern of discrimination,? unfair business practices and civil rights violations refusing to accommodate his requests by email to secure a new AccountNow card. Halavais is ?unable to effectively communicate verbally? due to a stroke, the class action lawsuit says, and receives his disability checks ? his only source of income ? though an AccountNow prepaid card. He contacted the company to order a new card because his old one was due to expire, and explained that he could not talk on the phone due to a stroke that left him disabled and unable to effectively speak.According to his class action lawsuit, AccountNow's refusal to accommodate his disability left Halavais without access to his disability checks and forced him to hire an attorney to help him get a new AccountNow card. When he did get the new card, he was unable to withdraw money from an ATM with his old PIN and was locked out after several failed attempts to get money. Halavais first contacted AccountNow by email on May 21, and did not resolve the issue until July. By that time he was in a rest home and unable to pay for his medicine and medical bills, the class action lawsuit says."On July 10, 2012 plaintiff was finally able to access the money deposited into his account, but only after numerous phone calls by Plaintiff's counsel, because Defendant refused to aid Plaintiff by e-mail," the AccountNow class action lawsuit states."Throughout this entire course of events, even after the risk management department was involved and informed of the situation, Defendant did not present any alternative methods of communication by which Plaintiff could have resolved the issues with defendant."The class action lawsuit is seeking damages for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Unruh Civil Rights Act and unfair business practices.A copy of the AccountNow ADA Class Action Lawsuit can be read here.The case is Richard Halavais v. AccountNow, Inc., Case No. 12-cv-1921 BEN RBB, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California.Dear Customer, Please contact 877-554-2339 for information in regards to your account. Thank you, Risk Management From: john scherer []Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 4:21 PMTo: Claims Email; ; jessica@westcoastlitigation.comSubject: please review the total email Richard Halavais v. AccountNowagain i must reply to this EMAIL i told you on the phone when i called 2 times already i lost my card! i can not call this automated number because it asks me my card number! if i had my card number would mean i have my card and there is no good reason to be contacting you by email or by with this said and your prior knowledge of my lost card you are aware that its impossible for me or anyone else to contact your office to reports a card lost or stolen with your automated system.this is just a simple form of theft as complained about on the internet you fore people to call and call to charge a 2 dollar fees where as some have had there complete account drained by these fees you impose and you lack to correct any problems with the first call as proof i called you 2 to times alreadyand you continue to tell me to call again and to fax you papers again i done all you asked and why call to get a dispute form? how will i get it? you say you did not get my fax then you say its not clear you have my new address why not mail it?or better yet email me the form to fax it back to you? this is the least complicatedbut the truth is the calls make your office money it has nothing to do about emails just money on phone calls.this is outright theft its clear i have a criminal case against you.1: i spoke to you on the phone you did not tell me to file a dispute form only to send the id and social and address i done so2: i faxed the stuff the next day i get an email to fax it to another different number3: i get an email saying i must call you and i done so but not with the number you gave me but the number i gotten from the BBB i was put on hold for 30 minutes where i discovered online that the fax number i was given was the correct one ( you lied) i was then given to an answering machine to leave a message that cost me 2 dollars (your fees)4: all this time i have been locked out my online account and you refuse to unlock my online account!5: now you say my papers you first did not receive ( by giving new phone number to fax) is not legible and i need to re fax it and cost me 20 more dollars i do not have i am broke you have all my money!6: and you tell me to call again to a number that i cant call because i do not have my credit card number!summerythis is illegal and its down rite theftyou give only one number to call to report a card lost or stolen and that number requires you to have you lost or stolen card number to get to customer servicea cleaver way for people who have little money on there cards to just say forget it and let you keep the money because lack of ability to converse with youfurther these people with little money will exhaust it all calling you on the phone for your 2 dollar fees (a trap)so all this in efforts for people to not be willing to fight for the little they have on there accountsthe sending of information to real(or fake) fax numbers you give numbers to fax to then say fax it to a different number then you say you cant read it when you get caught lying about the number.there is no recourse for this i called you 2 times when a 1 call is all that was needed! and you want me to keep calling but to only do so to a number i cant use because i do not have a card number that you are very aware of because its the whole manner of why i am calling is to report my card lost!this is my email i have had for 10 years i used this email for the over 1 year i had your card you know this is me. and not someone faking to be meits your intent to keep my money and not return it by all your actions you know i do not have the money to re fax this to you or to get a dispute form and then fax it again i have literately read hundreds of complaints exactly like this online and the issues were not resolved this is federal! a federal crime!you make it impossible to get the money back when you state i must call an automated number that i cant call because of no card!all your crazed fax numbers then not being legible how many times you plan on me faxing this? 100 what fees have you charged me already for this?i am going to take this to a federal prosecuter in san francisco for prosecution on everyone you done this to.the proof is at handi gave you the western union number and everything to prove i sent it to you only i would have that info and i told you close my account! and mail me a check to the address on record and or to re send it back to me western union as i sent it to you! this way i will prove to western union where i actually get my SSI check and they know who i am. and i will receive MY MONEY! (not your money)you are engaged in a criminal matter here with the impossibility for people who lose or get there cards stolen to report itcustomer service is the name of your email but in fact this is fictitious its a ploy a decoy if this email was customer service you would be assisting me by email! but in fact the only thing you said in an email was different fax number! and to call customer service which i called your corperate office 2 times and never got to speak to anyone in customer service the 2 times you put me threw to themwith my threats to have legal action taken against you your company still has nothing but distain and still refuses to aid and assist me further proof of you total negligence or care and in result is why there is a lawsuit from san diego filed on you right now for these exact reason but also including americans with disability s i am disabled and this is federal you are intentionally trying to steal everyone money who looses or has a card stolons moneycrimes punishable by prisoni live in san diego i am right next to the man who is also suing you right nowthere is a huge patter as reported online by others of your criminal activity's i have to sell items now like i been doing to get food here at my girlfriends in mexico! i have to stay here because i have no rent money! because of you i am forced to stay in this filth place and now sell everything i own to get a bus ticket to san francisco and have you prosecuted for theft! and to file a lawsuit to sue you for damages and suffering i have a mental disability and this is affecting me very very very badly!The case is Richard Halavais v. AccountNow, Inc., Case No. 12-cv-1921 BEN RBB, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California. romJohn Scherer SRFrom: Claims Email To: john scherer Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 6:11 AMSubject: RE: complaint on account now filed by john scherer new informationDear Customer, In order for us to assist you with this matter, you will need to contact us to file a dispute and send in a dispute form. Our direct number is 866-398-3307. Thank you, Risk Management From: john scherer []Sent: Monday, October 08, 2012 8:09 PMTo: Claims EmailSubject: Re: complaint on account now filed by john scherer new informationi will be looking to have your company shut down for you (illegal actions) and your refusal to send me my money aslo i am looking into getting a bus to san francisco and going to the media and police theft is a crime with a police escort i am shor ei will show you my id and proof i am who i say i am and then get a police report of my being there for a class action suit customers & affiliates reviews, comments, possible complaints Have used account now cards for over a year with direct deposit. funds held for transaction is deceptive. terms state 5-10 days release unless fax recvd from originator. My funds were held over 30 days & originator faxed (confirmed sent twice)when I called was told one of two transactions released but unknown to who? Originator has no knowledge. other still being held. fees for release also. Unresolved and no cooperation. law suit in the making. Now searching for others for possible class action.$$ not the issue. Principle is. FTC 7 BBB reports will be filed. Stopped all deposits & company will lose multi thousands over this.Posted by: earl olsonDecember 16, 2009, 11:38 amFromJohn Scherer SRFrom: Claims Email To: john scherer Sent: Monday, October 8, 2012 2:17 PMSubject: RE: complaint on account now filed by john scherer new informationDear Customer, You may contact Customer Service at 866-925-2036 to check the status or your dispute or add transactions. Thank you, Risk Management From: john scherer []Sent: Monday, October 08, 2012 4:38 PMTo: Claims EmailSubject: Fw: complaint on account now filed by john scherer new informationFromThank you for e-mailing me.I am very sorry for the delay in my response to your e-mail. To better assist you with this situation, I ask that you please fax us a copy of your current photo ID, Copy of proof of address such as a utility bill, and a copy of your Social Security Card to 925-217-0052.-- AccountNow, Inc.Customer ServiceSign up for account related mobile text alerts! Please visit for more infoOn Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 12:50 PM, john scherer wrote: From: john scherer To: "" Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2012 12:48 PM Subject: my lost credit card mexico cell phone number ' (66 i deposited 400 dollars on 9-25-2012 at the check cashing place #38 1255 imperial ave s san diego MTCN 021 my card is lost the last transaction was skype my balance is 398.00 dollars i need a new card i need my online account unlocked! i would like to have my money sent back to me at the western union store where i loaded it i need my money on that card i am on ssi and this is all the money i have. i been trying for 2 days now to contact your office my account number is 9591 my new address is hello this is my second email i just tried to change my current address to my new one old address 707 reed and po box san d i am calling and calling but its busy i need a new card sent to me with my money on that card (please) i am on ssi and that is all the money i have.. i can not change anything on my card address is what i was trying to because i dont have my card! and i dont have the 3 digit code on the back so i got locked out i thought i remembered it but i did not and now its gone! what can i do to get this fixed? since no one will answer the phone Account Details Personal Information Name: JOHN SCHERER Address: please mail me a new card and a check for the renaming balance to my new address i tried to call over and over but there is no answer it just says its busy or if you can send me a new card with my money on it please thank you so much and hope you have a blessed wonderful day! SAN DIEGO, CA 92112 i have tried to call over one week now and there is no phone service i called the bank on your site and i was told they would email you and correct this problem for me and nothing if i dont hear anything soon i am going to have to make a complaint with the BBB and the authority for theft! i have all the previous emails i sent to your bank and no response i am on ssi and all my money i have left is on that card that i lost From John Scherer SRustomer Complaints Summary772 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years 256 closed in last 12 monthsComplaint Type Total Closed ComplaintsAdvertising / Sales Issues 74Billing / Collection Issues 97Delivery Issues 30Guarantee / Warranty Issues 4Problems with Product / Service 567Total Closed Complaints 772Complaint Details Definitions BBB Complaint Process File a Complaint Government Actions BBB knows of no significant government actions involving AccountNow, Inc.. 041b061a72


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