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Watch Hunter X Hunter - 062 ((EXCLUSIVE))

The Hunter x Hunter films were converted into manga series in 2013. Since they are non-canon films, none of them have a significant impact on the series, and so this is the preferred sequence in which to watch these films.:

Watch Hunter X Hunter - 062

Download Zip:

The episodes contribute significantly to the development of the characters and the exploration of numerous backstories. Avoid skipping any episodes, including the OVAs (for the 1999 version). The films are self-contained and should be watched following the conclusion of the series.

Nothing very organized here. Just some thoughts that have come to me.I am writing all these simply because I want to write something on Japaneseanimation, but to dwell up anything organised would be too time-consuming.On the other hand, I think the comments below are quite concise, and aremostly first thoughts that come to me.If you have watched any of these titles below, you may agree with me. Ifyou have not, watch them, they are all worth watching.

Kimagure Orange Road: Ayukawa Madoka, of course. Yet, there is somethingmore to it -- not ESP -- There is a sense of empathy that is much stronger thanin, say Maison Ikkoku. I watched both pieces when I was an adolescence,but that is not the only reason; one also should pay attention to the type ofpeople depicted in the two pieces.

Kodomo no omocha: Hilarious, and very good in this aspect.14- 5-1999: I have only watched the first 19 episodes (out of 104), but Ireally like this piece. True, hilarious, and there is more to it, too.There are conflicts, content, and address to some serious issues in a lightway. Certainly, the happy endings are sometimes a bit unrealistic, but thispiece certainly makes me feel happy.

( 6- 3-1999)If you have not done so, I would recommend you NOT to watch Neon GenesisEvangelion. It is very successful in arousing an interest in the audiencein the early episodes, but unfortunately, it is perhaps even more successful indiscouraging the audience with a completely incoherent and incomprehensibleending, leaving them very unsatisfied.For those of you who have already watched them, here are my views on the piece.(end of passage on 6- 3-1999)Without a doubt, Katsuragi Misato is the most attractive female characterin Neon Genesis Evangelion (to me, at least). Yet, I think I have moresympathy towards Aynami Rei. Is that a sense of pity? I do not know. Perhapsit is. Yet, it is true that Ayanami is a very dynamic character here, who hassubstantial development in character through the episodes. Of course, it isalso her discipline, independence and ingenuous character that draw myattention. I also must express my feeling that the title and nomenclature ofmany things in the story quite disturb me. Am I being ignorant about somelanguage, or are the producers indeed being stupid with their English? Let menot answer this. Also, I would say that the success of this work has almostnothing to do with the robot designs -- personally, I have never like them atall.Yet, I am still waiting to watch the film(s) and see the ending of the story!!!( 6- 3-1999 again)Having watched Evangelion -- Death and Rebirth, I find Ikari Shinjinothing but an extremely hopeless and pathetic child. On the other hand,my impression on Asuka Langley improved. Whether this is a change in my part,between my watching the series a year ago and now, or if this is a betterunderstanding of the characters, I cannot tell.Akagi Ritsuko seems to be the most normal and sane character in the story,and perhaps the one I hold in the highest esteem.To love like Hyuuga Makoto (Katsuragi's assistant) must be very arduous.Wise or not is another question. Of course, whether it is wise depends onone's attitude towards love.

When I watch Macross during the MIT Anime Club showings, people alwayslaugh loudly about the concept of pop songs as a symbol of human culture anda weapon against the extra-terrestrials. This really annoys me, because I amdistracted by their laughs. Perhaps it is really stupid in their eyes, justas Star Trek is equally stupid in my eyes. If they had a chance to watchMacross when they were small, I am very sure that they will agree with me, thatit is a very nice piece, too.

Rurouni Kenshin is what I have been watching recently. Himura Kenshinreally looks like a woman, most of the time. I don't think I agree completelywith the samurai's principles (Bushidou?), but I need to think about this a bitmore before I can make more comments. I like Takani Megumi, because of theobvious reason, but also because of her positive attitude in her medicalpractice.14- 5-1999: My favourite male character is Hiko Seijuuro. Well, he's cool --at least, I think so. I've watched the first 62 episodes (the first and secondseasons of broadcast), and I have to admit that it is good, especially thesecond season (Yet, one has to watch the first season in order to appreciate thesecond, I suppose). 041b061a72


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