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Classic WoW - You Want To Play A Priest And Here's Why

Here you can see the benefits of the different races for Shadow Priest inWotLK. Some racials are much stronger for you than others, helping you deal moredamage. However, you should not let this decide what race you choose; play whatyou want to play.

Classic WoW - You Want To Play A Priest And Here's Why

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If you want to pick a class based purely on their performance in raids or PvP,we recommend looking at one of the following pages. This guide will focus on thebigger picture, including playstyle, lore, and general recommendations on eachclass.

Druids are an ideal choice for players that are not happy with just filling onerole and want to be able to fill multiple roles in a group. Whether you decide totank, heal, or DPS, the Druid can capably fulfil all of the requirements to doany of these. It is worth remembering that, although they can fulfil everyrole, it can be tough to secure a raid spot while playing as a Boomkin, so keepthis in mind when choosing to raid as one.

If you wish to play a Druid exclusively in PvE and want to play as a Boomkin,it is important to keep in mind that the rotation for a Boomkin can be very boring,since you will essentially spend all boss fights simply spamming Starfire.

Hunters are a great choice for players that enjoy playing alone and want tobe able to perform well in both PvE and PvP. It is worth noting that, as the tiersprogress, Hunters' position in the DPS rankings will drop, as they do not scalewell with better gear when compared to, for example, Warriors.

In PvE, especially in raids, playing a Mage can get quite boring due to theirvery limited rotation on bosses. You will spend the majority of your time eitherspamming Frostbolt or Fireball and little else. Keep this in mind if you want toexclusively play PvE as a Mage.

If you want to heal or tank at max level, do not let the leveling process deteryou. Healing as a Holy Paladin can be very fun, as can tanking dungeons asProtection, so stick with it if you really want to play a Paladin.

If you are choosing a Priest specifically to play DPS and you do not wantto heal at all, you should be prepared for a tough battle to get a spot in lategame PvE. Most raids will only bring 1 Shadow Priest, since they only need 1 toapply and maintain the Shadow Weaving debuff, and the damage that Shadowcan put out in PvE is simply not high enough to warrant another one.

Rogues are an amazing choice for players that want to PvP, while still beingable to flex into PvE as a strong, melee pure-DPS class. Their Stealthis unique in Classic, since it has a stronger effect than Prowl and ismore difficult to detect, as well as having a wider variety of abilities to be used.

Shamans are a great choice for players that want to be able to flex betweendifferent roles, but still remain as an excellent supporting character regardless.Just like with the Paladin, you bring so much utility to the group that, irrespectiveof whether you are tanking, healing or DPSing, you will still bring somethingspecial to your group.

Shaman tanks bring an interesting playstyle to the game and, for those of youthat truly want a challenge, it can be very rewarding, but we must reinforce thecommitment required to gearing and preparing for it. This is quite an unconventionalstyle of play and, generally, you will find it much easier to be accepted to groupsas a traditional Warrior or Druid tank.

I played a Tauren warrior tank, something I hated playing, to prove to the group I ran with that I was hot friggin sauce. Then they started taking me when I played things like shadow priest because they knew I was good.

The second in the traditional warrior-mage-priest RPG archetype (sorry rogues), priests are the go-to healers in WoW Classic. They have the most tools to play with, and while druids and paladins offer some refreshing variations on healing gameplay, priests are the powerhouses of the raid and equally viable in PvP.

For raids, priests also offer the powerful stamina-boosting Fortitude buff. Dwarven priests give Alliance players the incredibly powerful Fear Ward, which protects a player from receiving the Fear effect. As several major bosses use Fear, including Magmadar in Molten Core, a rotation of Dwarven priests is useful to have.

Having said that, anyone looking to speed up the leveling process will want to incorporate a few dungeon runs into their experience. The gap between leveling via quests and leveling via dungeon runs gets a little shorter in WoTLK, but dungeon runs are still the best way to go. As always, though, those runs require you to play with a fairly capable group of players whose schedules match your own as closely as possible.

If you are a PvE Player and want to choose the best PvE race, you have to decide if you want to Heal or to DPS (Shadow Priests are not too popular among Raid leaders, so you will have a much easier time finding a Raiding Guild if you roll as a Healer). Horde Priest's Racials do not have too much of an impact on the PvE Healer gameplay (we assume that every Raid has a Warrior who uses Mortal Strike, so Troll's Hex of Weakness is not that useful), so "standard" racials will be the deciding factor here. Troll's Berserking allows him to lower his Cast times, which might be Raid-saving in close call situations, while Undead's Will of the Forsaken is irreplaceable in some encounters (like Onyxia, for example). Both of these Racials are very strong in their own ways and the best choice greatly depends on the encounter type, so there is no clear winner here. When it comes to DPS, Troll comes out on Top with his Berserking. Undead's Devouring Plague is powerful, but it is a 3-minute Cooldown, and the Debuff Limit is a thing.

Mend pet and traps complete an already amazing set of skills. Since you already have your own tank at your fingertips, playing alone is highly recommended if you want to reach level 60 as fast as possible.

Another potential plot strand points to Galakrond. The undead scourge once attempted to raise the bones of the dread proto-dragon to become a fearsome frostwyrm, but players ultimately foiled their plans. Given Murazond's command of time, there's every reason to believe he may simply try to bring Galakrond into present-day Azeroth via time travel. There's no reason to count out necromancy either, given the fact this has been attempted previously.

The World of Warcraft talent specs are undergoing another major revamp, taking them back to the tree-style progression system pioneered by WoW's classic gameplay. The new system will allow players to allocate points within their general class for utility, while also spending points on their specialized roles. Blizzard plans to start showcasing the new trees before the Alpha begins, which is supposedly "soon." Blizzard doesn't plan to include flavor abilities like Pickpocket and Eyes of the Beast into the trees. Every point spent should result in something interesting for your class.

Blizzard noted that they saw how popular the trees have been in WoW Classic, and how their general gameplay still holds up in 2022. Blizzard wants the new system to afford new opportunities and combinations that up until now have been unavailable to players. Players will be able to shift talents and specs around "at the same kind of frequency" they do now, supposedly in rested areas and preparatory situations. Players will be able to save and name builds, and switch between them easily on the fly. Blizzard says it will also be easy to change talent builds based on combat encounters, most likely using tomes as is the case today. As you can see from the UI, players will still be able to select three PvP talents alongside their general spec sheet, which become active in PvP situations like battlegrounds, arena, and warmode.

The talent trees look as though they'll afford players greater gameplay customization possibilities than the current trees, but they'll need to be tested thoroughly to avoid balance issues. Notoriously, players offered Blizzard feedback for Shadowlands' Covenant systems during the expansion's alpha and beta, that ultimately went ignored until the wider playerbase went hands-on, and discovered how underpowered some Covenant / spec combos ended up being. Blizz cited an end to "borrowed power" mechanics as part of the motivation to bring back the classic talent trees, expressing a desire to iterate and focus on building them up instead, rather than layering on systems that go away after each expansion.

Dracthyr use the human female and blood elf male skeletons for their humanoid forms, and appear to use the dreadlord and stoneborne skeletal rig for their dragon form. As a result, I suspect Blizzard doesn't want to put the work in to make them compatible with existing class animations, which is a shame. There's no real reason why Dracthyr couldn't have hunters, warriors, mages, or even druids among their ranks, given that they are a new race with new lore, Blizzard can write them into the game any way they want to.

Blizzard is looking to accommodate larger monitors and build a UI that frees players from feeling like they need to use UI mods to play, although they are committed to supporting UI mods into the future as well. Blizzard is focusing on usability, accessibility, and aesthetics as part of this revamp, aiming to preserve the "charm" of the classic interface while modernizing it in the process. 041b061a72


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