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Fractional Routing Number Explained: How to Locate, Read, and Convert It

Fractional Routing Number Converter: What It Is and How to Use It


If you have ever written or received a paper check, you may have noticed a series of numbers at the top right corner of the check. This is called a fractional routing number, and it is used to identify the bank or financial institution that issued the check.

Fractional Routing Number Converter

A fractional routing number looks like this: XX-YYYY/ZZZZ. It has a numerator (XX-YYYY) and a denominator (ZZZZ) that contain different information about the bank's location, branch, and federal reserve district.

A fractional routing number is important because it helps to manually process checks when they are sent or deposited. It also serves as a backup in case the machine-readable ABA routing number at the bottom left corner of the check is damaged or illegible.

An ABA routing number is a nine-digit code that is also used to identify banks and financial institutions in the United States. It is usually printed in magnetic ink that can be scanned by electronic devices.

But what if you need to convert your fractional routing number to an ABA routing number, or vice versa? This is where a fractional routing number converter comes in handy.

A fractional routing number converter is a tool that can help you generate or verify an ABA routing number from a fractional routing number, or an ABA routing number from an ABA routing number. It can also help you calculate the check digit that validates your ABA routing number.

Using a fractional routing number converter can have many benefits, such as:

Saving time and hassle when ordering checks, setting up direct deposits, making wire transfers, or paying bills online dcd2dc6462


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