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Most Beautiful Indian Teen Nude Pics

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The squaws are very fond of ornaments; their arms are encircled with bracelets made ofthick brass wire— sometimes of silver beaten out as thin as pasteboard. The princess,or daughter of the Great Chief, was a beautiful Indian girl. She attired herself in hermost costly robes, ornamented with elk teeth, beads, and colored porcupine quills—expressly to have her likeness taken. I made a beautiful picture of her.

The Pawnees and Cheyennes were at deadly war, at this time. During our visit to theCheyenne camp, a number of warriors returned from a successful battle with the Pawnees,and brought in some twelve or fifteen scalps as trophies of their prowess. On the night oftheir arrival, they had a grand scalp-dance; all the men and most of the women weregrotesquely attired in wolf, bear, and buffalo skins; some of them with the horns of thebuffalo, and antlers of the deer, for head ornaments. Their faces were painted black andred; each of the chiefs, who had taken a scalp, held it aloft attached to a long pole. Animmense fire was burning, around which they danced and walked in procession, while some ofhe women were beating drums, and making night hideous with their horrible howlings anddiscordant chantings. This was so novel and extraordinary a scene, that I rode into ourcamp, about three miles off, and induced Col. Fremont to accompany me to witness it. Mr.Egloffstien, succeeded in writing down the notes of their song; they have no idea ofmusic; they all sing on the same key. I did not notice a single second or bass voiceamongst them. We returned to camp about 12 o'clock, and left them still participating inthe celebration of their bloody victory. I accepted an invitation to dine with the chief;his lodge is larger, but in no other respects different from those of the others. We dinedin it, on buffalo steaks and venison; a fire was burning in the centre; around the fire,were beds made of cedar branches, covered with buffalo robes, on which his two wives andthree children slept. They use no furniture of any kind; there are hiding places undertheir beds, in which they place their extra moccasins and superfluous deer-skin shirts.

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