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Download Redline: A Fast and Easy Way to Create and Edit Videos

2. Via Drive Smarter app. Open the Drive Smarter app on your smartphone and ensure that it connects to the MAXcam 360c. Follow the prompts to download and install the latest firmware (or go to the Settings / Device tab).

download redline

Download Redline DocX is a function that allows for the download of a Redline DocX document that can then be opened via application programs like Microsoft Word. This function generates a version of the original DocX file with the added redline changes created via Docgility.

When a document is first processed, the original document is stored in the original form which would still contain the original redlines. During the processing, the redlines are read in as standard text which is treated the same as non-redlined text. As a result, any redlines in the source document is included in the base text represented in the Docgility view.

This is the default behavior. This will eliminate pre-existing redlines in the document. It's the recommended behavior as any document edits implemented via Docgility will be the only redlines contained in the downloaded docx document.

This setting allows the previous redlines to continue to be present in the downloaded redline document. This can be useful if you are using Docgility to incrementally add redlines to an existing document. Keep in mind that any redlines in any paragraphs that have Docgility-generated redlines will automatically be replaced with only the Docgility-generated redlines.

This setting allows all of the Redlines (including Docgility generated document edits) to be included in the document as a final document (without any redlines). This is typically useful to general the final document that would ready for signatures.

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After making the appropriate settings, the user can activate the button at the bottom to download redline docx document. This operation may take up to 15 seconds to generate the new document and download via your browser. The document will be named as the source document name with a postpend of '-RL' to indicate that it's a redlined document.

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

You can launch REDline in Terminal on Mac OS X, Command Prompt on Windows, or shell on Linux. For Mac and Windows, REDline is located in the default installation location of the REDCINE-X PRO suite of applications. For Linux, you must download the standalone REDline Linux (Beta) software.

Some samples of RedLine appeared on Google ads related to another Instant Messenger service named Telegram in 2021. These advertisements redirected the victim to a fake Telegram webpage, where a Trojanized sample of RedLine malware was offered up to an unsuspecting victim, to download and unknowingly execute.

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Veriti researchers have observed that attackers first hijack Facebook business or community pages, carefully selecting pages with thousands of followers. They then post seemingly legitimate sponsored ads on these pages, offering free downloads of ChatGPT and Google Bard. Unsuspecting visitors fall into the trap and download the malicious files, which then unleash the RedLine information-stealing malware on their devices.

This campaign serves as an early warning of what may lie ahead, as the soaring popularity of AI-based chatbots has made them lucrative targets for threat actors. They can exploit the versatility of these products, which can be packaged in different forms such as open source or mobile applications, allowing them to create trojanized downloads.

Researchers suggest that enterprises should upgrade their cybersecurity practices, educate employees about the risks associated with downloading files from unauthenticated or unknown sources, and ensure strong security configurations to prevent system compromise.

Participants in the legitimate Folding@home project download the official application from their website. In this malicious email campaign, recipients are encouraged to download the application via a link in the email.

Because Folding@home participants need to install an application on their system to help the project, the use of this as a lure is particularly clever by the attackers, as recipients who want to help with coronavirus research may not find the downloading and installation of an application unusual or unexpected.

The C&C panel is a GUI program installed on a dedicated Windows server, not as a web panel. Specifically, the panel operates as a WSDL application which responds to configured SOAP APIs to interact with the client malware sample. The panel has typical functionality for controlling malware like this including displaying, sorting, exporting, commenting, searching logs, creating downloads, running tasks. The panel boasts having convenient features for log sellers such as exporting logs for a list of websites.

Proofpoint researchers have confirmed all functionality described in the forum advertisements. RedLine is a stealer that supports FTP (such as FileZilla, WinSCP), IM clients (such as Pidgin), crypto-currency wallets, and browser cookies/settings. It also reports back a range of information about the system and can perform additional tasks such as downloading and running payloads.

RedLine Password Stealer virus, a new previously undocumented malware has appeared in a new email campaign aimed at U.S. healthcare and manufacturing organizations. It already has many of the standard information stealer features, as well as additional features such as downloading secondary payloads and advanced filtering features. The developer appears to be actively working on and updating the malware.

This specific password stealer campaign used COVID-19 and Folding@home lures to make downloading this application seem plausible. We are currently observing many other actors trying COVID-19 email lures for a variety of nefarious purposes such as attempting to deliver malware, phishing, business email compromise, and spam.

RedLine is an infostealer malware discovered in 2020. Often sold in underground forums, it is capable of stealing data such as credit card numbers, passwords, VPN and FTP credentials, gaming accounts, and even data from crypto wallets. In May 2022, Netskope Threat Labs analyzed a RedLine stealer campaign that was using YouTube videos to spread, luring victims into downloading a fake bot to automatically buy Binance NFT Mystery Boxes. Later in 2022, this malware was also spotted being self-spread through YouTube videos that were advertising popular gaming hacking tools.

In September 2022, Netskope Threat Labs found a RedLine Stealer campaign being spread through phishing emails. The email lures the user into opening a PDF file that redirects the victim to a URL that downloads RedLine, hosted on Discord.

Unlike RedLine Stealer, these other URLs were not downloading the final payload directly. Instead, they are downloading an HTA file (either directly or compressed) which is responsible for downloading and executing a payload, also hosted on Discord.

Furthermore, it is capable of collecting system information such as IP addresses, usernames, keyboard layouts, UAC settings, installed security solutions, and other details. This malicious program can be used to infect computers with other malware (download and execute malicious files).

It is known that there have been attacks carried out through website links presented in the description of YouTube videos that supposedly promote a cheating tool for the Valorant game. Computers got infected after executing a malicious file extracted from an archive file downloaded via the aforementioned website links.

In other cases, cybercriminals proliferate malicious programs through spam campaigns (emails), Trojans, dubious software download channels, unofficial activation tools and fake updaters. They attempt to proliferate malware by sending emails that contain malicious attachments (or web links that lead to download of malicious files).

Untrustworthy download sources/channels are used to trick users into installing malware by disguising hosted, uploaded malicious files as harmless and regular. When downloaded and opened/executed, however, the files cause installation of malware.

Some examples of the download channels often used to proliferate malicious programs are free file hosting, freeware download websites, unofficial sites, Peer-to-Peer networks (e.g., torrent clients, eMule) and third party downloaders. Unofficial activation tools supposedly activate licensed software free of charge (bypass its activation), however, they often install malware instead.

Software and files should not be downloaded or installed through third party downloaders, installers, Peer-to-Peer networks or the other channels/tools mentioned above. Downloaded only from official websites and via direct links. Irrelevant emails that are received from unknown, suspicious addresses and contain attachments/links should not be trusted (do not open the contents).

Update 9 November 2021 - Now RedLine stealer poses as LastPass, a legitimate password manager. There is a fake LastPass download page used to distribute an ISO file containing a file that starts the infection chain leading to the injection of the RedLine stealer.

Update 16 March 2022 - Threat actors are using YouTube to distribute RedLine stealer. They upload Valorant game videos with a website link in their description. That link supposedly downloads an auto-aiming bot. In reality, it downloads a malicious archive file containing a malicious executable file designed to infect computers with the RedLine stealer.


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