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Nolan Martinez

Jaykin Bacon Episode 3l

This is a bit too early to show off, but another feature that was shelved early on and is now being revived, is the Scientist Survival game-mode. Jill's been primarily handling this, and has been making great progress with the attack scientist AI. The idea is basically that everyone spawns in with a crowbar, and various kinds of attack scientists spawn in and try to kill you. Last player standing wins. There's a lot of room for fun with this as the idea revolves around taking the kleiner model, and figuring out ways to edit it to turn him into something new. Btw if anyone is actually reading this, reply to this article with the phrase bacon in all caps and if you're one of the first 5 people to do it, I'll PM you instructions to set you up with beta access over our discord. Anyways, one idea i had was to take the head of the kleiner model, and use the existing HL2 roller mine code to get some rolling kleiner heads that chase you down. The idea is they either zap you like a roller mine does to a player, or they latch on to you and slow you down like they would a jeep. We'll probably do both and just recolor them separately.

Jaykin Bacon Episode 3l

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