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Bts No More Dream

The lyrics of the album primarily reflected on the misunderstanding and prejudice towards them, criticism of the society that diminishes their dreams, and their anxiety and determination towards their future.[16] During the production of the album, Suga and RM rewrote the lyrics of "No More Dream" more than 20 times.[17]

Bts No More Dream

Weird, the snare drums are one of my favorite parts of the verses. I felt it creates more of an eclectic build, compared to the trendiness so far. I would actually prefer it appeared more. Funny how that works!

Drunk-Dazed is supposed to sound insecure and afraid, things that I am sure Enhypen will feel as rookie idols from the biggest music company in the world. Had they been trained with the mikes a bit more, the live version would sound a lot better. In other words, I would prefer an imperfect vocal performance to a clearly pre-recorded one.

I do miss them being more experimental in general. The fun pop is great but I also miss their mix of grittier songs, cyphers and vocal songs they used to comprise their minis and full albums of (Dark and Wild is still SUCH a good album).

I need to find more info on J-hope pre-debut just so I can get a better grasp of what his hip hop life was like before. I know a ton (comparatively) about Namjoon and Yoongi because there was more to know in terms of content they put out but I need to do the work and find out about J-hope so I can be more confident when I talk about his journey too! 041b061a72


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