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How to Download and Install RealPlayer Plus 16 for Free

How to Download and Install RealPlayer Plus 16 for Free

RealPlayer Plus 16 is a premium version of RealPlayer, a popular media player that can play and save many types of media content. RealPlayer Plus 16 offers extra features that can enhance your RealPlayer experience, such as DVD burning, accelerated downloads, video conversion, and more.

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If you want to download and install RealPlayer Plus 16 for free, you have two options:

  • Become a SuperPass or other RealNetworks subscription account member. When you subscribe to a RealNetworks content service, you get access to the full set of premium features. Whenever you sign in, the premium features are activated on your RealPlayer. Because these benefits are tied to your subscription, you can use them with any RealPlayer on any computer, anywhere.

  • Purchase a RealPlayer Plus 16 upgrade. Permanently activate the premium features for one copy of RealPlayer. Features are available whether you're online or offline.

To download and install RealPlayer Plus 16 for free, follow these steps:

  • Go to this link and choose the language you prefer or right click and choose Save link as.

  • Run the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.

  • Launch RealPlayer and sign in with your account or create a new one.

  • Enjoy the premium features of RealPlayer Plus 16!

Note: RealPlayer v.16 is a very old version and there will NOT be any updates to this version. If you want to use the paid features of RealPlayer20/20, you will need to upgrade as this is a different product.

RealPlayer Plus 16 is more than just a media player. It also lets you download videos from thousands of websites with one click, convert videos to various formats, burn DVDs and CDs, and organize your media library. You can also use RealPlayer Plus 16 to transfer media files to your portable devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players.

One of the most notable features of RealPlayer Plus 16 is the PlayPack, which allows you to play and convert video formats that are not supported by other media players, such as MKV and WebM. You can also use the PlayPack to convert videos from MPEG-2 and VOB formats, which are commonly used for DVDs. Additionally, you can use the PlayPack to convert videos to H.264 format, which is widely compatible and offers high quality and low file size.

Another feature that sets RealPlayer Plus 16 apart from other media players is the 10-band graphic equalizer, which lets you adjust the sound quality of your audio and video files. You can choose from various presets or customize your own settings. You can also use the audio filters and crossfade options to enhance your listening experience. Moreover, you can use RealPlayer Plus 16 to record audio from your microphone or line-in device, such as a cassette player or a turntable. 0efd9a6b88


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