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Indian Movies 3d ((NEW))

The Indian 3D content creation market for media and entertainment industry has shown a slight dip in 2020, owing to the lockdown scenario in India, due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Several factors, such as the halted production of movies and advertisements, have led to the declining purchase rate of 3D content creation software and hardware.

indian movies 3d

VFX has become a vital element in the post-production of television shows, and the penetration of VFX in Indian movies is also rising. While the film industry in India still requires a lot of improvement, in terms of technology, when compared to international standards, it has made significant advances in the past few years.

In 2018, the Indian movie industry experienced an eventful year, by offering movies such as 2.0, Zero, and Thugs of Hindostan, which featured a significant usage of the VFX technology. In the movie Zero, the actors became around 1.5 feet shorter on the screen, due to the usage of the VFX technology, and it has been estimated that more than $9.9 million (INR 70 crore) was spent on VFX in the movie, which had about 5,000 VFX shots. Thus, the rising usage of the VFX technology in movies is driving the growth of the Indian 3D content creation market in the media and entertainment industry.

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