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Farhat Rams
Farhat Rams

Watch Sex And The City S6e13 - Let There Be Lig...

We eventually learn Pam is not marrying Roy but she's also not with Jim. We meet the Stamford gang, most importantly Andy and Karen. Rewatching the show, there's genuine sadness seeing Jim and Pam apart. But it was necessary. The show had to drag it out and the relationship always felt its most real when it wasn't simple.

Watch Sex And The City S6e13 - Let There Be Lig...

It's this fantastic one-two punch and a wonderful bit of TV magic, playing these moments out together. And that's what is beautiful about this episode. Yes, there have been more biting episodes. There have certainly been funnier episodes. But now seven years removed from The Office finale, it's rewarding watching these characters grow into their completed, adult selves. 041b061a72


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