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Nolan Martinez
Nolan Martinez


The Alpheios fork of Morpheus, which includes built binaries and Greek stemlibs, and puts a wrapper on the morpheus output that adheres to the Alpheios Lexicon Schema can be found in the Alpheios GitHub repository.


Download File:

Morpheus Data is the market leader in hybrid cloud application orchestration, helping hundreds of enterprises, agencies, and service providers grow revenue by enabling software teams to move faster while staying within operational and financial guardrails. The Morpheus software platform gives developers and product teams a customizable self-service application provisioning catalog spanning dozens of on-premises hypervisors, public clouds, and automation tools. This agnostic approach reduces the impact of skills gaps so teams can focus on innovation. With more 3rd-party integrations and functionality than any other platform, Morpheus streamlines workflows, reduces tool sprawl, and unifies processes. Request a demo at 041b061a72


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