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WRC Generations Online UPDATED

Having been out of the loop on how these are the analogue or not yeah it's awkward but still playable, the stick thing I agree it shouldn't be that awkward most other racers have made it possible by now. Couldn't care less about online but I agree why copy paste info if it's not accurate to that version (or if on the box either and no one looked it over because comparing/making it relevant was too hard or something update or not in progress and they just want to get it out on Switch as quick as possible and move on I guess).

WRC Generations online


The classics from 10 I agree why did they put it in the career? Did they go 'we need to change things up, uh uh that will do' it seems dumb of a sacrifice to rework it like that as if having it separate wasn't a good thing than whatever online modes and features to put on the box when how many will use it? Sure slotting them in is something but I agree experiencing those moments is cool so slotting it in-between the career and having to replaying the other parts of the career to redo them kind of sucks.

I'm not into anything more than just good modes and good enough handling/physics or whatever version I can pick up but yeah seems odd they handled it this way and how they went for online which sure but for singleplayer content that kind of sucks and never knowing how much on Switch they cut/condense things either as you never know.

I've played a lot WRC / DiRT games on my Xbox platforms (XOX, XSX) including WRC generations and I've had a chance to run a few rounds on my switch port - summarizing my opinions in one word: I clearly don't want to ever play any simcade / racing sim on this handheld again. Its a total different league, 99% of the issues simply doesn't exist on rival platforms. To be honest I'm totally tired of the tech disadvantages of Nintendo hw, so I only enjoy N originated titles which are fantastic btw. I have a clue that Kylotonn doesn't really wanted to make a switch port and made it only for the publisher's pressure - due to the WRC licence end, the lack of resources, or the extra work which requires to force their own engine to downgrade the tech to this obsolete platform. Saying this because on the other hand, they were perfect for handling the series comparing the former devs - and during the last few years, pulling up this franchise to the top from garbage. Tbh I don't believe that CM is able to make miracle on switch current model for their new games - even if they did with Grid (which remember, it wasn't a current gen port, but an oldie but goldie Xbox 360 rework).

@WildApple No, I meant what I said. I have probably over 100 games downloaded onto my Switch from the eShop, many of them ports from previous systems (especially the Wii U), and I would have happily invested in legacy VC titles had Nintendo made them available instead of locking them behind an overpriced subscription model (I subscribe to the base Switch Online for the cloud saves and will never bother with the "premium" category). But this is where I draw the final line; I've been an avid hobbyist for nearly four decades now, invested thousands upon thousands of dollars into the hobby, and everywhere I look now I see console manufacturers and publishers using online functionality not to better the options and experiences for gamers, but to gate, control, and exploit them at every possible turn, and those priorities have seriously begun to affect even flagship AAA IPs (example: Halo Infinite). I have a history of voting with my wallet and if necessary I will simply hold onto my Switch rather than continue the vicious cycle of repurchasing older titles that Nintendo seems hellbent on forcing their consumers to do.

This software includes modes or features for which an internet connection and a paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online are required. Any online play modes require a paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online. To use online services, you must create a Nintendo Account and accept the related agreement. The Nintendo Account Privacy Policy applies. Some online services may not be available in all countries. Find out more about paid Nintendo Switch Online memberships.

I have already mentioned what a deep career mode WRC Generations offers up, but KT has packed the newest title with substance that goes beyond just the career mode. You have quick play, career mode, daily challenges, and training for offline players. For those looking to take the experience online with friends or random opponents, have no worries.

Further tweaks have been made to the difficulty of the Anniversary Mode events and user-generated liveries are now visible within Spectator Mode of the online lobbies. For PC players, haptic feedback, but not adaptive triggers, for a PS5 DualSense controller is now supported.

To obtain the WRC Generations platinum you will need to spend the majority of your time in career mode as well as venturing into co-driver mode and quick play to get those online trophies out the out before reaching player experience level 150 to complete your journey to the platinum.

  • 2022 will see the WRC transition to the hybrid era. This is a revolution for the rally world,significantly affecting performance, changing strategies and making drivers and teams adapt.In terms of gameplay, new mechanics have been integrated to represent the demands of the hybrid engines.In order to win, you have to carefully manage your battery by adapting your engine mapping throughout thespecial stages you take part in. As community satisfaction is always a priority , you can now sharecustomised livery and stickers with other players. The best creations will be rewarded and highlighted.For fans of competition, the new Leagues mode lets players challenge opponents with a similar levelonline. Finish ahead of your competitors to move up the ladder in the Legends category. WRCGenerations includes more content than ever before in a rally game. 750 km of unique special stages in 22 countries

  • 49 teams from the 2022 season (Rally1 / Rally2 / Junior WRC)

  • 37 legendary cars plus additional bonuses

  • 165 timed special stages

In order to make the representation of the championship even more realistic, a completely redesignedRally Sweden environment has been added, with 6 brand-new special stages in the Umea region.

WRC Generations' arrival in November marks a shift for the series, as this is the entry that will introduce hybrid vehicles to the competition, which are also being used in the real-life World Rally Championship. This means players will have to change their playstyle accordingly, as they now have to manage the battery of their vehicle. WRC Generations has implemented the ability to let players share their customized livery and stickers, as well as integrating a Leagues mode that will match players against opponents of a similar skill level in the online modes. The fact that WRC Generations is the final Kylotonn entry in the series means that the developers have filled the game with more content than any other entry in the series, including 37 legendary cars, 49 times from the 2022 season, and 165 timed special stages.

Overall, I enjoyed WRC Generations once I got by the frustrating menus which the game requires you to click through. The game buried beneath this nonsense is enjoyable, challenging and gorgeous in certain moments. If you can get by the learning curve, the online component of WRC Generations is also a lot of fun. The game also earned itself a bonus point from me for including the late, great Colin McRae as a playable driver along with his iconic blue and yellow Subaru Impreza.

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