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Gabriel Wright
Gabriel Wright

Ep 213 - Google Drive ##TOP##

i am downloading the files inside a folder in drive, and i wanted to store them also in a local folder in the same location where my python script is, instead that saving them unorderer without a folder my current code is here:

Ep 213 - Google Drive

(i) The Secretary of Energy, in cooperation with the Secretary of State and the heads of other agencies, as appropriate, shall identify steps through which the United States can intensify international collaborations to drive innovation and deployment of clean energy technologies, which are critical for climate protection.

Each episode finds Rob Jeppsen and guest diving into the biggest question in business: How do you create predictable, repeatable, and scalable success? They discuss tactics and practices that the best sales leaders use to drive head-turning success. Rob lets you know what you can expect from each episode and gives you his promise: you'll leave each episode with new ideas to help you drive high growth with your team.

When Mitch and Hobie are walking down the beach after a tough day, they notice a strange smell in a tunnel. When they have entered the tunnel, Mitch immediately recognizes the smell. Some workers have accidentally damaged a gas line. One of the workers drops his cigarette into the tunnel and Mitch and Hobie have to run out before it explodes. Later in the marina, Hobie meets his friends Brad, Josie and Randy. Because they are in no condition to drive, Hobie drives Brad's dad's boat. While they are driving, Josie pulls the throttle to full speed. Hobie loses control and it is just a matter of time before the boat turns over. Hobie manages to rescue everyone with the help of Jessie and April.Josie ends up in a coma and Brad tells Josie's father that Hobie caused the accident. Hobie ends up in prison due to reckless driving. His bail is set at $ 300 000. Mitch pays his bail using the deed to his house along with April's money as collateral. When Hobie meets Josie's father at the hospital, he threatens to sue Hobie. The next day, Mitch has to give Hobie the bad news that he is temporarily off the lifeguard roster. Hobie leaves upset and feels like everyone has abandoned him. Mitch takes Hobie to the hospital to meet Josie who has come out of her coma. Josie tells her father the truth that she pulled the throttle. After finding out about the truth, Josie's father apologizes to Hobie.

Unlike amplitude-modulating LCOS devices (mainly for video and image projections), phase-only modulating LCOS devices have a wide range of applications based on the spatial modulation of coherent lights,14,15,16 including real-time holography,17 optical correlators,18 wavelength selective switches,19,20 reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexers20,21,22 and diffractive optical components.23,24,25 The first attempt to drive an LC pixel array from a single crystal silicon active backplane was proposed by Ernstoff et al.26 in the early 1970s. This device used the dynamic scattering electro-optic effect, which is difficult to drive from an active backplane as it is driven by an electric current by the nature of the effect and, therefore, is not capable of phase modulation because dynamic scattering devices work by passing an electric current through an ionically doped LC, and the LC conducts electricity. This finding means that the voltage can only be maintained across the pixel by a capacitor for a short period. Subsequently, the voltage will start to decrease due to the charge leakage. Therefore, this approach is not suitable for the phase modulation. Soon afterward, the first field effect nematic LCOS device27 was reported, and the first fast ferroelectric LC on silicon (FLCOS or FLC-LCOS) device was demonstrated by Collings et al.28 In the early days of optical computing, LCOS was proposed as an amplitude screen29 for spatial filtering in optical correlators.30 At that time, it was realized that phase modulation of incident light beam could be possibly used in the future. Later, using LC-TV (television)31 devices, phase and amplitude modulation were exploited for applications in optical correlation.32 Phase-modulating LCOS devices are now important optical engines for a wide range of applications.

LC materials as a high-performance non-linear electro-optic medium are ideal for CMOS-based spatial light modulation devices because these materials not only have one of the largest known electro-optic coefficients but are also able to be driven directly by relatively low voltages. When an external electric field is applied, LC molecules re-orientate. Because of their optical birefringence, the effective optical refraction coefficient changes accordingly, resulting in a modulation in the phase retardation as controlled by the applied voltage. Therefore, for an effective phase modulation, phase-only LCOS devices benefit from an ECB electro-optic effect with a zero-twisted configuration, a small pre-tilt angle and an anti-parallel alignment.

Rapid row-by-row scanning over the entire pixel array is used to display each subframe of information. Each pixel is set up with an appropriate drive voltage such that the LC layer responds to the RMS (root mean square) of the applied voltage.

For some reason, Colab allows me to automatically mount if I'm the creator of the notebook. If that's not the case, such was when I create a copy, the from google.colab import drive code block automatically gets added, and I have to authorize again.

I was working on a google colab project, after a while I decided to copy the work and rename it as a new version (manual type of git control). After doing this I noticed that my google drive doesn't automatically mount. After checking some of the settings I went to File > Update Drive Preview after doing this, the google drive is automatically added when restarting the notebook. Even when commenting out these lines... 041b061a72


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